Jun 092013

Below are some of the coupon books that contain free Myrtle Beach coupons. These free Myrtle Beach coupon books can be found at numerous business locations around town.

monster-bookMonster Coupon Book - Myrtle Beach
With your Monster Coupon Book you can eat at great restaurants, experience the most popular activities, enjoy fantastic shopping and play at great golf courses while saving hundreds of dollars!

You can pick up a copy or if you would like to pre-plan your Myrtle Beach trip, you may order a copy of the book by mail.

SDGSunny Day Guide
The Sunny Day Guide features some of the best information to assist you in planning what to do on your vacation to the Grand Strand, Sunny Day Guide is a resource for attractions & activities, nightlife & entertainment, sightseeing, restaurants, places to shop, events and local services. Includes easy-to-use maps, vivid photography and free money-saving coupons. Please complete this form to receive or download your free guide.


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